Sherwood FC 0 – 2 Attenborough Colts

The sun came out at Attenborough today but it shone on the home team rather than River Plate (aka Sherwood). Although both Kel and Lewis were absent, Sherwood had a strong enough team to beat Attenborough – if they put their mind to it! But the magic passing of recent weeks wasn’t there today and although individual players worked hard (notably Connor and Nico) the team did not gel.  The first half was scrappy, ending in a 0-0 draw. The second half looked like it might go the same way but Attenborough managed to get ahead and with that Sherwood’s fate was sealed.  Ok, an equaliser was still on the cards but with the MaDs attention focused on the injured Ryan on the far side of the pitch, concentration all round was lapsing and Attenborough were able to seal their first victory over Sherwood in two seasons.


It was rather a dispiriting end. Steve carried Ryan off to be driven to the QMC (fortunately no bones broken, but severe bruising), and Sherwood dispersed to hopefully re-energise themselves for the next challenge – Holy Spirit.







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