Sherwood FC 4 – 1 Attenborough Colts

Despite the serious hole left in defence and midfield by Thomas’s injury, Sherwood managed to hold it together this morning to maintain their record of good results against Attenborough. But it was a scrappy affair with few purple patches – the teams were quite evenly matched and, although we won by three goals, Attenborough pushed hard to equalise in the second half. That they didn’t was down to a determined defence and some excellent work from Lex.

The first half was marked by a return to glorious form by Alfie who, as usual, took advantage of Trevor’s absence to bang in a hat-trick (helped of course by set-ups from his colleagues including Ryan and Patrick). There were three goals in 17 minutes: 08, 10 and 20 minutes in. Attenborough managed one goal back but were prevented from scoring any more by some good clearances from Jordan and Lewis.

The second half was tense with Sherwood fraying at the edges and Charlie battling on after a painful studding incident that eventually forced him to retire from the field. Kel finally put the fourth goal in after a few near misses including one that hit the post. Relief rather than jubilation greeted the full-time whistle.


The Man of the Match award went to Nico for consistent and valiant defence.







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