Sherwood Red 6 – 3 Attenborough Colts

After a six week break we might assume that the match would get off to a fairly slow start as stiff legs were stretched and over-active thumbs were frozen. We were wrong. One minute and twenty-seconds was all it took for Tyler to blast home Sherwood’s first goal from a Kel cross.  And against Attenborough as well - a team we have been playing regularly for years with some very tight results. 

Bradley put away the second with a lovely lob over the goalkeeper’s head. Tyler scored the 3rd and then the 4th and most impressive goal of the match for his hat-trick. Kel took the ball down the right wing, crossed it across the face of the goal for Tyler to head it in.  A headed goal of such quality in a youth league must be rare. The 5th goal was another textbook goal for Kel from a Bradley pass. Strewth – they must all have been glued to FIFA 13 during their holidays.  And then it was halftime…..

The second half was a rather different story. Attenborough woke up and started to show their true metal.  Their first goal resulted from a bizarre mix up between Kel and Patrick which led to an indirect free-kick just outside the goal. This fired Attenborough up and they began to dominate play with some serious attacks which resulted in a further two goals.  However, the Sherwood defence held, marshalled by Thomas and Patrick who seemed to take turns to be on the goal-line.  Attenborough were challenging for a draw but in the final few minutes Sherwood started to push back and the final goal went to us – eventually (Kel hit the bar, Tyler’s shot was cleared off the line but it landed in front of Bradley who tucked it away).

Phew.  Great match – especially the second half which kept everyone on their toes. 

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