Attenborough Colts 3 – 3 Sherwood FC


Sherwood started their season with a respectable draw against Attenborough at the Chilwell Olympia grounds, scene of the Magnificent Seven’s legendary outing earlier in the year. It is clear that the move to 11-a-side has shaken up all the clubs - mini soccer is a world away now and it will be fascinating to see who emerges as the team to beat.


Neil had a full squad plus three subs to work with and stuck with his 4-4-2 formation (Luke, Connor, Jack and Thomas in defence, Harpreet, Finn, Leon and Jordan in midfield). The first half was a scrappy affair with insufficient passing from Sherwood. But the teams were evenly matched. Attenborough got the first goal but Kel and Alfie up front found enough magic moments between them to ensure it was 2-2 at half time. Keeping to position was hit and miss but all played with energy and enthusiasm, notably Luke who managed a great save on Patrick’s behalf.


The second half saw Kieran, Nico and Mac in action, subbing for Luke, Connor and Leon.  You could see the fatigue setting in; it was a hot sunny day and the extra energy required for 2 x 30 minute halves on a larger pitch was evident. Attenborough pushed the score to 3-2 but Sherwood dug in and Kieran, resplendent in shiny blue boots, got the equaliser.  There were several other chances and goal mouth scrambles at both ends. A strong defence (excellent clearances from Thomas, Jack and Harpreet) allowed Patrick to maintain the draw whilst Nico just missed the winning strike with an over-enthusiastic boot that sent the ball sailing over the bar.


The final score was 3-3 with Kellum scoring two goals and Kieran one. Sherwood should be confident that they have a great squad with all the abilities they need to do well this season – as long as they listen, pass and run. And don’t leave Kel to score all the goals – come on the midfielders!



Match Statistics:


Gate:  27

Goals: 6

Points: 1


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