Sherwood 4 – 2 Attenborough Colts

All the angst of the last few weeks was swept away this morning as Sherwood battled their way to a 4-2 victory against Attenborough.  This was no pushover – Attenborough are a fighting side although, as it turns out, Sherwood’s entire tally of 4 points so far this season have come from them.

It was Attenborough who took the lead in the first half but Kel managed to even the score before the half-time whistle with a gentle push into an empty goal. The second half saw the pace quicken. Kel pushed it to 2-1, Attenborough equalised and Sherwood held their breath as an Attenborough penalty sailed over James’s head (but over the crossbar too).  With the Sherwood supporter’s shouting themselves hoarse on the sideline the lads dug in and found the necessary energy to keep Attenborough at bay. With great work from all, Kel was able to slip through the defence and push Sherwood to a 4-2 lead. It was then a case of concentrating hard and defending.


Phew. What a match. Kel scored a ‘Pat-trick’ (4 goals), Connor continuously booted the ball down the line to the attackers, Nico showed just how good he is in defence and everyone played a more physical match. Well done Sherwood. Roll on the Christmas party. Hurrah.


PS. to Ep: Can you wear your ‘lucky’ Cracovia FC scarf and FC Turino socks again next week please. How about a prize for the most obscure bit of football memorabilia?

Points: 3!











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