Sherwood FC 1 – 1 Attenborough Colts

Sherwood have played many close games against Attenborough over the last five years. The old timers will remember the ‘Magnificent Seven’ holding them to a 3-3 draw at mini soccer. It was a similar situation today in that Sherwood had no outfield subs available and knew that Attenborough would be able to take advantage of some fresh legs in the second half. Fortunately, a nifty goal from Kel and sterling work from the defence (including a great punch save from Matt), meant that we secured a one-goal advantage by the half-time whistle.

The second half started well and Sherwood were able to keep up the pressure down the Attenborough end. But the pace was telling on the team and unfortunately, just 2 minutes from the end, we conceded a free kick that Attenborough were able to convert into a goal. It was a blow but well done to the opposition.

It was certainly an exciting match. New signing Exo made a superb contribution – especially in the first half. Pundit Ep said that Exo and Nico seemed to be in telepathic communication as they made such a good double-act. No wonder both were the nominated players for Man of the Match – awarded to Exo by a narrow margin.

Great work everybody. All we need is a couple of subs to give Neil a few more options.


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