Sherwood 1 – 4 Attenborough Colts

Cup Match

What a difference a few subs can make. Ok, so Sherwood slept-walked through much of the first half, allowing Attenborough to push the score to 4-0 by the whistle.  There were some near misses from Tyler, Jordan and Kel but the passing didn’t flow.

The half-time talk must have been a stern one, or it was the quality of Brandon and Lewis re-energising the team and opening up the field for Sherwood to dominate. There was only one goal in the second half and it was put into the net by Kel. There were many more near misses – several from Brandon (including a nifty header that just went wide), Tom S and Tyler.  Every single player put in a great second half performance – Lewis, Connor and Tom H down the wings, Nico and Thomas in defence. What was also noticeable was the level of communication between team-mates – not usually a Sherwood forte. ‘Give me options’ seemed to be the buzz phrase!

Man of the Match: Tom S for a brilliant second half up front.

Postscript: the match was followed by a Roma-Lazio friendly on the 7-a-side pitch. Strange how much energy some of the team seemed to have..................

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