Sherwood 7 – 7 Beacon FC




Trevor did the decent thing this lunchtime – he left the grounds and Alfie started to score! Not once, not twice, but thrice, adding his hat-trick to Kellum’s impressive four goals to give Sherwood a thrilling draw.


As so often the case, Sherwood got off to a shaky start with Beacon smashing three goals past Patrick before Kel got us onto the scoring board. This first goal gave Sherwood the confidence they needed and the adrenalin started to flow. By half-time Beacon were still ahead 4 – 2 but the fight-back was underway.


The second half was electrifying with both Beacon and Sherwood taking it in turns to lead. Sherwood equalised, then pushed the score to 5-4. Beacon equalised and then pushed the score in their favour to 7-5. Sherwood dug their heels in, got a further 2 and ended with a well-deserved draw.


Neil may have lost his voice but he appeared to have found his new team today. All 12 lads present played superbly – Harpreet (‘H’), Leon, Luke Thomas (2nd half) and Jack (Roo) held the back line firm – their discipline meant that Sherwood won about 10 offside decisions to Beacon’s 2. This bodes well for the season.


Finn, Jordan, Connor, Nico, and Thomas (1st half), manned the mid-field - their passing was effective in keeping the ball as much as possible in the Beacon half. The pace of the attack, led by Alfie and Kellum, meant that our strikers were ready to shoot before the opposition’s defence had caught up with them. Today they sometimes seemed to cut through the opposition like a knife through butter.....


Patrick’s most magic moment was a lob that he managed to tip onto the post with his fingertips – a scramble ensued but he managed to keep the ball out. Beacon’s linesman was impressed!


Well done Sherwood. What a result. Neil lost his voice, Luke’s dad did line duty and Ep was far less grumpy! What happened between Wednesday night and Saturday lunchtime we don’t know but let’s hope for more of it. And we didn’t even have Kieran and Alfie Mac!





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