In glorious sunshine at the Carrington home ground, Neil led out his squad for the first game of the season. Callum, Michael, Connor and Kayne were all playing their first match for Sherwood and, in most cases, their first ever league match. Were they nervous? Well, they didn’t show it as Sherwood got off to a storming start. Bestwood thrashed us just a couple of weeks ago in a friendly and were perhaps surprised at the torrent of energy that came towards them.  Kel got things off to a good start with a fine try from a Tyler cross. Bestwood booted it down the other end but Callum slowed it down enough for Patrick to make the first of several great saves. Then Kel put the first one home. Not long after he set up Tyler for one of his trademark headed goals which put Sherwood 2-nil ahead. The adrenalin was pumping for everyone. Patrick and the defence were kept constantly on their toes and Neil was losing his voice (and deafening one of his drivers) as he juggled being on call with directing play.  Tyler made it 3-0, leading by example as the new team captain. 

Bestwood knew they had to up their game and so they did. They managed to take advantage of both Patrick and Thomas being brought out of the goal to pass one behind them then, a few moments after, they got their second in (controversial this one as Patrick declared he had had both hands on the ball). Sherwood battled on but for a few minutes their concentration lapsed and Bestwood were able to equalise.  It was Ben who re-energised Sherwood with a fantastic goal to push us into the lead before the half-time whistle blew.

We knew the second half was going to be tough. Bestwood are a good team and expected to beat us. They were not going to go quietly.  Their first two goals of the half were both disallowed as offside but third time lucky they equalised. Sherwood were starting to flag now (it was very hot) but kept on valiantly as Bestwood pushed ahead 5-4. Kel equalised, with a nifty tuck round the back of the goalie.  He nearly got another with a superb shot that just hit the post.  But as the match drew to a close Bestwood got their 6th and then their 7th. 

What a match! Superb play from everyone on both sides.  Both teams had a couple of decisions they didn’t like but, both let them pass and played on with passion. The Bestwood manager was impressed, calling Kel ‘awesome’ and telling his team at half-time, ‘their keeper’s really good – you’ll have to work hard to get past him’ (overheard by a lurking Ep – proud dad).

The Man of the Match award went to the whole team for an inspired opening match that augurs well for the season. Thomas was declared ‘Super Man of the Match’ for peerless defending. 

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