Sherwood FC 3 – 0 Bingham Blue

Bingham Blue are fourth in the league. Sherwood ‘were’ third from the bottom. Back in October Bingham Blue beat us 7-1. We expected to have a hard time. We didn’t.

Over the past few weeks, Sherwood’s results and playing have got better and better and it was only going to be a matter of time before we got the winning results that the team deserved. Today was that day.  Was it the trains, the River Plate away kit, the firmness of the ball, who knows. Certainly, Matt did what he said he was going to do – keep a clean sheet (as did Patrick on St.Patrick’s Day).

The first half was quite even to start off with but as the half wore on, Sherwood were getting the better chances. The passes through to Kel eventually started reaching him, enabling him to score a typical Kel goal (managing to tuck the ball in from a very tight angle past their goalie). The first half ended with Sherwood in the lead – the supporters were already celebrating (we won the half!).

We expected the second half to get very tough, and it did. The first ten minutes saw Matt and the defence constantly under pressure. There were scrambles and near-misses but they showed incredible determination (and skill – especially from Matt who did two diving saves). We kept our heads and held on.

Ten/fifteen minutes in, Kel managed a break, and slotted in his second goal. The supporters went ballistic. From then on, the game hurtled from end to end with chances on both sides (both Jack and Tyler had shots on goal although Tyler regretted his!). The crowd were now completely wound up and hopefully their encouragement pumped up the team’s adrenalin too.

Goal number three was a dream goal from Exo. He rounded two of Bingham’s defenders and shot past the goalkeeper into the net. He then entertained the crowd with a Nani (Man U) celebration – a backflip and a cartwheel. Let’s hope we see some more before the season ends.

What a fantastic result with every player giving his all and determined to impress the Ref. Oscar’s style of tough tackling gave invaluable assistance to the attack, Luke sent some good balls down the mid-field, Charlie ducked and dived, and Tyler organised everyone. Thomas and Nico held the centre at the back.

Player’s and supporters alike were emotionally drained by the final whistle. Great work Sherwood – Manager Neil and Assistant Coach James can feel justly proud.

Man of the Match:  Matt, for fantastic saves under pressure – he went home with the scars to prove it.

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