Sherwood 1 – 7 Bingham Town Red

It was a dreadfully confusing match this morning for anyone with a touch of colour-blindness – the teams basically had the same kit with just the reds and blues on the shirts reversed. Shorts and socks were identical.

Sherwood expected a tough time but the first half was remarkably even. Matthew was fantastic in goal, his extra height allowing him to tip several Bingham strikes over the crossbar. At one point Bingham’s manager asked him if we wouldn’t mind letting one in! Both goalies were kept warm as the play hurtled from end to end and it was not until about five minutes from the whistle that Sherwood let down their guard and allowed Bingham to send in a first and then a second goal.

We felt optimistic for the second half with the team invigorated by the fresh legs of Nico and the midfield tackling of Charlie. Kel put Sherwood on the scoreboard with a nifty goal and it seemed as if we were in with a fighting chance of a point or three (especially as Bingham had only the one substitute). But it didn’t happen. Bingham made it 3-1 and then Sherwood seemed to lose concentration, allowing a succession of four more goals to push the score to an unbeatable 7-1.

Sherwood’s performance was pretty good but we didn’t seem to have the pace to cover the pitch. Thomas, Tom and Connor were run ragged holding the defence firm, including some sterling back-up clearances for both our goalies.  Luke, Ryan, Jack, Jordan and Tyler worked hard up front but never quite managed to translate opportunities into goals.

Catchphrase of the match:  0-0 Sherwood – still everything to play for!

Man of the Match:  Matthew

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