Sherwood 14 – 1 Bingham Town White

Sherwood ended the season in style today with a convincing win over brave Bingham Town White. But the three week gap between matches was noticeable in the first 10 minutes– it took that long at least for Sherwood to wake up and realise they still needed to work to win. It was Kel and Ryan who got things underway.  Ryan had a good four chances while Kel was on sparkling form and had a hat-trick already by the half-time whistle.

The confidence of a three goal lead worked wonders for Sherwood in the second half. Play flowed with some nifty passing and effective teamwork. As the lead started to build, Neil moved the players around to let the defenders try their skills up front and vice versa – it’s not very often we see Kel in defence.  Bingham didn’t give up though. Their keeper made some great saves and their number 6 came alive with the goal of the match after a cracking run down the wing.

By the full-time whistle, seven different Sherwood lads had scored a goal:

1 – Kel

2 – Kel

3 – Kel

4 – Kel

5 – Tyler

6 – Tyler

7 – Jordan

8 – Ben

9 – Kel

10 – Thomas

11 – Luke

12 – Kel

13 – Jordan

14 – Nico

The Man of the Match award went to Ryan for his valiant efforts in the first half. He didn’t manage to score but he brought the match to life. If it hadn’t been for his hectic social schedule causing him to miss the 2nd half, he surely would have put one away.

We’ve ended the season on a real high. Well done to everyone.


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