Sherwood Red 8 – 1 Bingham Town White

It was the first truly cold match of the season today but fortunately Jack had an omelette for breakfast (this is significant, keep reading).  Sherwood were not awake. Within two minutes of kick off Bingham had belted in a goal past a lethargic Sherwood defence. Fortunately Connor gained possession of the ball near the centre circle and neatly passed it over to Kel who then ran it in for the equaliser.

After that Sherwood started to up their game although the first half remained quite evenly matched. Kel made it 3-1 but other Sherwood players had their chances too. Bradley had a near miss and at one point there was a literal ‘Man on’ as Jack ended up on top of the Bingham keeper.

The second half saw Sherwood playing better – perhaps because the first half subs were so desperate to warm themselves up and hence willing to keep running. Certainly there were many more chances and some excellent work from Michael in mid-field and Ethan in defence.  Kel kicked a couple into the side of the net before Tyler trickled the 4th goal in after a good run from Exo. Exo and Kel showed their superior pace – possibly fuelled by the lime green fluorescent gloves both were wearing.

Jack played consistently well all match but in the second half he demonstrated precisely why good things come in small packages. His first goal (and Sherwood’s 5th) was superb as he took the ball, rounded the keeper and, from a very sharp angle, produced a great volley.  Not to be outdone, Exo and Kel tried for more but both had near misses before Exo got the 6th. Kel upped the score to 7 but the final goal was again thanks to Jack just a couple of minutes short of the whistle. We didn’t need to wait for the Manager’s debrief to know who was ‘Man of the Match’. Well done former Captain Jack.


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