Sherwood 2 – 7 Bulwell Forest

 It was an incredibly exciting match this afternoon. We expected Bulwell to be tough – they have a very strong record against us over several seasons. We had just the one substitute, they had half a dozen. But it was an even contest. Bulwell clearly got the win and a good tally of goals but, as pundit Anthony Epworth commented, ‘if all Kel’s shots had gone in, we would have beaten them’. Well he would say that.

The first run on goal came from Kel but the first goal was a Bulwell penalty for a bit of desultory pushing. Kel soon evened the score but then Bulwell started to push ahead with 3 goals in succession that demonstrated their greater knowledge of a short 11-a-side pitch that required careful kick-length management. Our midfield were seriously stretched and Patrick kept on his toes (or fingertips), but Sherwood also had innumerable chances and were able to keep the pressure on. At half-time the score was 4-1.

Connor came on in the second half to provide a burst of fresh energy. Bulwell were awarded a second penalty following an unlucky challenge from behind from Luke. Patrick saved the penalty but unfortunately Bulwell seized on the deflection to tuck the ball back in. The score crept to 6-1. Patrick made a number of good saves, including a nifty flick (his ‘I’ll have that thank you very much’ save). The seventh went in before Kel finally managed to score his second after a great set-up from Ryan.

As we moved into the final ten minutes Sherwood started to push back up the Bulwell end. The tries came thick and fast, from Jack, Tyler, Ryan, Kel.  Posts were hit and side nets flattened. But the rear of the goal remained frustratingly empty.

Well done everyone. Sherwood played well and didn’t give up. It is invidious to pick out individual performances as every player made a significant contribution.

Man of the Match:  Thomas for consistently reliable and consistently fantastic defence.

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