Sherwood 2 – 2 Bulwell Forest

Saturday March 10th 2012

Neil was pleased to get a point from today’s match. Bulwell have a strong record against us although today it was Sherwood who had the upper hand. Throughout the season we have struggled with our lack of substitutes. Today we had the luxury of two compared to the half dozen or so enjoyed by the opposition. It seemed to make a difference with Exo storming on in the second half to maintain the pace. 

There was a lot more passing today and plenty of action down the wings. The first goal involved Ryan and Kel breaking through Bulwell’s right defence. Kel got the ball down into the penalty area and managed to kick it under Bulwell’s goalkeeper under the mouth of the goal where Jordan was waiting to tap it in (does this make three for Jordan so far this season?) It took a few minutes but eventually Bulwell equalised from a free kick and then pushed ahead with a second goal a few minutes before half-time. Sherwood then went from one-nil up to a goal behind as they trooped over to Neil for the half-time pep talk.

The pep talk worked. Sherwood kept the action largely down the Bulwell end in the second half with a number of chances and near misses. But the equaliser came perilously close to the final whistle. Exo took a free kick from outside the penalty box. It curled across the front of the goal. Keaton unsighted Bulwell’s goalie, the ball hurtled towards the back post where Tyler was waiting to tap it in. Fantastic!

The final minute ticked away with both teams desperate to hold onto the draw if they couldn’t manage a win. Neither could and so the match ended with a 2-2 draw.

Man of the Match:  Thomas

Quote of the Match:  ‘Ooh, hasn’t the Sherwood goalie got lovely hair’.



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