Sherwood 2 – 10 Bulwell Rangers

The final score suggests a weaker Sherwood performance than they actually gave this morning. While ‘wake up’, don’t stop running’ and ‘concentrate’ were recurring instructions from the Manager, there was also some fantastic play and genuine excitement. The first of Kel’s two goals was magical. Patrick hoofed it to Kel, Kel sped up the pitch and blasted it in the goal. Rapturous applause from the Sherwood ‘MaDs’. By half time the score was a very respectable 4-2 with Sherwood very much still in the match (as noted by pundits Alfie and Finn commentating from the bank).

The second half saw Alfie working hard in goal. The outfield players did their best to support both him and Kel up front. There were several more chances, including a near miss from Jordan in the midst of a goal mouth scramble. But as the half went on Bulwell pushed ahead, making the final score a disappointing 10-2.  Let’s hope the Warhammer gang were more successful in the afternoon!






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