Sherwood 4 – 5 Bulwell Rangers


Neil’s challenge to the lads, to prove their worth and earn their place in the team, paid off this morning. The close result against a team we haven’t beaten yet, speaks for itself.


The first half saw Bulwell strongly on the attack and nearly unbeatable from corners. Kieran managed to save several shots, and he had excellent support from Jamie and Thomas, and the half-time score of 4 – 0 did not reflect the good work down both ends. Jordan, Alfie, Kellum and Mac worked hard and communicated well. The second half saw Sherwood picking up the pace. Kellum launched the fight back and for a while we were on a roll with goals following on from Kieran and Nico to make it 3-4. Bulwell fought back, pushing their tally to 5 but tenacious work from Sherwood allowed Kellum to put home his second and our fourth. The final score was an honourable 4-5.



Sherwood 1 – 1 Bulwell Rangers



Sherwood seemed to be experiencing an adrenalin rush during the following friendly. Nico put us ahead and despite second-half signs of fatigue we held on to secure a 1-1 draw.


A good morning’s work. Sherwood passed better, communicated better, and showed far more aggression in fighting for the ball (we saw you Alfie!).  Whether it was the slope or a divine wind, of the eleven goals, ten went in down the eastern end. Was it all those parental prayers I wonder!


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