Sherwood 1 – 4 Burton Joyce

The wind played a significant factor in this afternoon’s match, meaning that the slightest over kick sent the ball hurtling into the goalkeeper’s arms.  Sherwood got off to a great start with an excellent goal from Jordan, making the most of a pass from Kel. The pace was fast and the interplay between the Sherwood lads excellent for the bulk of the first half. Unfortunately as we headed to the whistle Burton managed to equalise and then to push one goal ahead for a 2-1 score line.

Sherwood ostensibly had the wind direction in their advantage in the second half but, judging the amount of power to give to the kick was incredibly difficult. Tyler found this to his cost as he translated two chances set up from Kel into direct shots on goal that just tipped over the crossbar. So we had our opportunities but it was Burton who turned theirs into reality with a further two goals to make it 4-1 at the final whistle.

But it was a good performance from Sherwood. With only goalie Mat available as a substitute, and both Tyler and Ryan floored for brief moments, Sherwood kept going and worked well as a team. Neil was pleased with all. Oscar received the Man of the Match award (minus the trophy) for determined defending.







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