Sherwood FC 2 – 4 Burton Joyce

The wind huffed and it puffed and it blew the ball away. That was really the story of today’s match. Sherwood and Burton Joyce were pretty evenly matched but Burton made the most of their atmospheric benefit in the first half to roll four goals past Sherwood. We had very few chances up our end although there was nothing to complain about in the play – Nico was on form as captain in the first half and Tom delivered some long and low clearances.


We were hoping to make up the ground in the second half but, despite some valiant runs from Jack, Brandon, and Kel, the goals did not start to roll in. Sherwood were not about to do a Newcastle (who came back from 4-0 against Arsenal today to end with a draw). We were well into the second period before Brandon tapped the ball in from a nifty cross from Alfie. And Alfie went on to win the laurels as Man of the Match by working with Burton Joyce to send home the second.


But the real story of today was the visit of Sir Geoff Hurst to Sherwood. It may have meant more to the MaDs than it did to the boys, but it was a great honour for Sherwood to play host to the England 1966 hat-trick hero.


Valiant efforts from everyone today. We can put this one down to Trevor who was secretly watching from behind a bush/the comfort of the clubhouse.


Man of the Match:  Alfie












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