Sherwood FC 4 – 4 Burton Joyce

This was the match that lifted Sherwood off the bottom of the league and moved us up to 9th position. It’s early days yet of course but a tight draw is good enough for a confidence boost.

This was a corker of a match, full of action and tension. Sherwood were the stronger team for most of the match and certainly had more chances on goal. Stand out moments included Alfie’s goal (superb passing), Nico’s free kick (caught by the Burton keeper), and the all-round defending. Sherwood fought their way to a 4-2 lead in the second half but unfortunately couldn’t quite sustain concentration to grab all the points.

An excellent effort from everyone. As Neil said, the whole team deserved the ‘Man of the Match’ award but, on this occasion, it went to Nico for a fantastic performance both in midfield and defence.

Final score:  4-4 (Kel x 3, Alfie x 1)

Man of the Match - Nico




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