Sherwood 1 – 16 Calverton 

Sherwood were seriously under-staffed this morning with Tyler, Matthew and Jayden much missed. Our stalwart 11, surfeited with chocolate and X-boxitus, struggled to keep up the pace against a superior Calverton team. Even the presence of so many Facebook and Redhill pals on the opposing side didn’t spur us on to stay in the game. Having said that, Sherwood played with good grace and courage. Patrick saved innumerable shots, as did his colleagues amidst the goalmouth scrambles.  Thomas in particular made a superb clearance in the first half, protecting a goal left momentarily empty as our goalie lay in the mud.

The first half score crept up to 8-0 before Ryan and Kel between them managed to tuck one past a rather underemployed Calverton keeper.

With no substitutes to call on, Sherwood flagged badly in the second half. But they kept on going and played the full 70 minutes, despite the anguish of a score mounting steadily minute by minute. We are all relieved when the final whistle blew and we’d managed to keep the Calverton tally well below 20 at an impressive 16.

Exhausted and rather deflated, Sherwood then proceeded to make an instant recovery as they tucked into chip butties in the clubhouse – thank you Calverton, much appreciated!

Good luck to Jack and Jordan at school this week!

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