Sherwood FC 0 – 12 Calverton MW

Yes, we were soundly beaten but not as soundly as the last time we played Calverton – so Sherwood actually did quite well. We had no substitutes and brave Matt played a full match in defence. Everyone was exhausted by the end, but Neil was full of praise for a valiant effort against a superior side.

It was 5-0 at half-time. We had a few chances in the second half, notably from Thomas who made a couple of superb runs on goal. Even Oscar, from the back-line, nearly made it to striking distance. Patrick, obviously feeling that he didn’t have enough to do, conceded a penalty by grabbing a Calverton ankle in the box. He missed it, although he did make a number of other excellent saves. The most dramatic save though came courtesy of Luke who dived in to cover an empty goal and ended up caught up in the back of the net.

So although the final score was 12-0 to the visitors, Sherwood trudged home tired but in good spirits. The Man of the Match award went to the whole team.

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