Sherwood FC 0 – 1 Clifton All Whites

We expected Sherwood to have to work hard this afternoon – Clifton is a tough team. But Sherwood dominated the first few minutes of the match and had many chances to equalise once the sole goal of the match went in during the early stages of the second half.


In post-match analysis, pundit ‘Ep’ Epworth said:  “It was a difficult match. This was the 3rd time we’ve played Clifton this year and we’ve lost both previous matches (9-1 and 6-1). Obviously we knew we were going in as the underdogs. However, with 2 recent victories showing our attractive passing style of football, we had hope for this one. We came out fighting and showed just how good we can be at passing the ball. We had Clifton on the run. But their goalkeeper was superb and we couldn’t turn our attacks into goals. We were less disciplined in the second half and gave Clifton that one opportunity to put one home.”


Manager Neil Boot concurred – some fantastic passing and great runs. Sherwood could have won. So well done to everybody – you’re becoming quite a force to reckon with. 


Man of the Match:  Captain Kel









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