Sherwood FC 0 – 17 Dunkirk Colts

                                     FA Challenge Shield

This was a game where the odds were stacked against us from the minute our name was pulled out of the hat.  To be up against the team at the top of division one was a pretty tall order.

With a depleted squad of 9 and temperatures soaring the lads went out to do their best and do their best they certainly did.  Sherwood managed to hold off Dunkirk scoring for a good 10 minutes until they managed to find the back of the net.  This was the first of many goals for Dunkirk but in no way did Sherwood make it easy for them.

A penalty awarded against Nico was dramatically saved by Patrick – he obviously thrives on the pressure because this was his best performance for a long time.  In fact the ref commented that he was the best goalkeeper he had seen all season!

The half time whistle blew not a minute too soon as the lads were starting to tire and were in need of the 10 minute break.  Having said that, they went back on the pitch ready to enjoy the second half.

It was only a matter of time though before Dunkirk upped the scoreline even more.  Tom S had a great run towards goal but was just outrun by the defender. 

Sherwood had a couple of good shots on goal but just could not get the ball past their goalie.

The game was brought to an end 10 minutes before the final whistle due to Ryan sustaining an injury and being unable to go on.  It was not fair to ask the team to continue with only 8 so Neil called time on the game.  Throughout the whole game the lads knew that if they did not want to carry on, Neil would stop the game at any point but they valiantly battled on. 

Every single Sherwood player on that pitch today played an amazing game but the one player who stood out and was voted Man of the Match by players and parents was Patrick.  If it wasn’t for some outstanding saves the scoreline would have been much higher.

Well done to everyone of those 9 players for keeping their head’s held high and playing the game.  You may not have been the strongest team on the pitch physically but you were definitely the strongest team in terms of team work and attitude.


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