Sherwood 3 – 4 Edwalton Cavaliers




A beautiful sunny morning, a full squad, what more could we want?


The strength of the 08-09 Sherwood squad was reflected by the players left on the bench for the first half: Oscar, Kieran, Kellum, Alfie and Mac.  The rest got off to a bold start with successional shots on goal from Nico, Thomas, Jordan and Jamie. The tries kept coming but unfortunately all just that bit off target, not helped by the slippery grass that saw several players from both sides floored. Sherwood definitely had the upper hand with a noticeable second wave surge from Aadam and Jordan. There was little for Leon and Patrick to do in defence until a momentary lapse in concentration was seized upon by Edwalton and they took the lead.  Sherwood kept up the pressure with Nico, Jordan and Thomas charging forward. Patrick managed an excellent couple of saves but unfortunately could not prevent a second goal. At half time the score was 2-0 to the visitors.


For the second half Sherwood were able to field five fresh players: Oscar in goal, Alfie in defence with Kieran, Kellum and Mac up front. Both Leon and Jordan held their positions from the first half, although both were relieved a little later on, Nico for Jordan, Aadam for Leon.  Kellum took the lead, working well with Kieran to keep up the pressure on the Edwalton goalie. The shots kept on coming. Mac pumped up parental blood pressure with a narrow miss and it was Kieran who made the breakthrough with the first goal.


With the pace increasing all the time, the ball hurtled from end to end. Edwalton got one past our defence but then a fumble near their goalmouth resulted in an own goal. Sherwood took advantage of their momentary disarray with Mac levelling the score. With only minutes to go both sides were desperate for a win. A fantastic set up from Aadam saw Nico miss by millimetres. And then before Sherwood knew what was happening the ball was in our net and Edwalton had scraped a 4-3 victory just as the whistle blew!


What a match. Thank you lads. You played well with some agonising near misses some startling headers and plenty of pace. But next time, wear your lucky pants Alfie!

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