Sherwood 8 – 2 Holy Spirit Celtic Red


Winter had returned this morning as Sherwood assembled on a blustery pitch at Southglade to face a depleted Holy Spirit side with only six players to field. However, it was not the player numbers that made the difference as much as the wind - Sherwood clearly had the meteorological advantage in the second half. All credit to Holy Spirit – they scored the first goal and ended the first half with a 2-2 scoreline. Sherwood were doing their usual trick of focusing upon goal attempts rather than strategic passing. Fortunately the half-time team talk from Neil sharpened them up – that and the bringing on of Mac whose consistent ability to pass in the box always seems to change the play of the forwards.


The final tally saw one goal to Kieran (first half), three goals to Mac (all second half) and a super impressive four to Kellum (one in the first half, three in the second). Both Jordan and Alfie had several near misses and effective defence from Leon, Thomas and Patrick kept the Holy Spirit tally at two.


Well done to both teams for a breezy knock-about conducted with great good humour. The match lacked the excitement of the Attenborough draw but it proved just how effective Sherwood can be when they choose to play as a team.


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