Holy Spirit Celtic FC 6 – 3 Sherwood FC


Neil rolled out his new squad and new management team on a hot and sultry day at the old Beckett School on Wilford Lane. The regulars were joined by Owen (20), Alan (4), Lex (1), Miciah (14) and Ryan (12) with an ‘unfit to play’ Lewis coming along to support. Lewis’s dad, Darren was referee, James was our linesman, with Steve as the new assistant coach and Ep lurking on the sidelines as self-appointed ‘director of football’ (good luck Neil!).

The first half was scrappy as the team struggled to find their passing form. Patrick (in his new green shirt) was busy deflecting Holy Spirit shots which, despite valiant help from the Sherwood defence (e.g. Alan and Nico) went home 5 times. Kel, suffering from ‘postitus’, missed at least three goals by the narrowest of margins but showed again that he was quite possibly the fastest boy on the pitch.

The half-time score was 5-0.

The second half saw Lex take over in goal and Patrick move into defence. Sherwood seemed to find renewed energy, passing improved and there was some fantastic play from all – with Owen, Jack and Nico all noticeable for their ability to set up shots on goal. There were more near misses, some great saves down the Sherwood end from Lex and eventually two goals from Kel. As soon as the first one went in Sherwood lifted their game, heads came up and play started to flow. Luke, Connor, Patrick and Miciah held the back line (with some nifty tackles from Connor) enabling Owen, Jack, Jordan, Nico and Kel to give the Holy Spirit goalie some work to do. As full-time approached it was nifty new-comer Ryan who banged in the third goal to give Sherwood a respectable score for their first full match as a new team.

A penalty shoot-out followed. Holy Spirit won but the clutch of Sherwood goals came from Lewis, Owen, Miciah, Connor and Nico.

 It’s the Sherwood girls next – don’t underestimate them boys. They won the cup!


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