Sherwood 3 – 9 Holy Spirit Celtic

Well, there were no fireworks in the first half this afternoon. Perhaps it was the 1pm kick-off that made the difference, but Sherwood were sluggish and completely outclassed by Holy Spirit. Sherwood simply didn’t have the pace to get from midfield to defence in time to stop a barrage of Holy Spirit strikes.  The opposition had managed 6 goals by half-time. Sherwood had one valiant attempt from Jack, who personally gave a superb performance today, but our lack of subs and an injury for Thomas seemed to spell further disaster for the second half.

But it wasn’t to be. Was it the wine gums? Or was it Gary’s wind-up tactics (particularly effective on Tyler) that made the difference? Sherwood were a team transformed, finally getting to grips with Holy Spirit’s strategy and matching them strike for strike. Patrick managed a bit of a rest and it was Sherwood who got the first two goals of the half (a great goal from Ryan and then a nifty cross in from Kel). More attempts followed, including a narrow miss from Charlie, but Holy Spirit then put two more past us to make it 8-2. Kel countered with Sherwood’s third before the final goal of the match made it a resounding 9-3 victory for Holy Spirit.

The referee commented on Sherwood’s gumption in putting their heads down and staging a fight back in the second half.  The supporters would agree.

Man of the Match:  Captain Jack

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