Sherwood 1 – 5 Keyworth



Malkie managed one celebratory run this morning as Sherwood fought a much closer match against Keyworth. With a large squad raring to go, Neil was spoilt for choice and was able to keep Thomas, Jamie, Alfie, Patrick and Nico on the subs bench as Kieran started in goal, Oscar and Leon formed a dynamic duo in defence with Aadam in midfield, Kellum, Jordan and Mac up front. There were some good shots on goal and the first half ended with Keyworth just one goal ahead thanks to a sterling Sherwood defence.


The second half saw Jamie and Thomas take over from Leon and Oscar supporting Patrick in goal. Although Sherwood’s pace picked up, we didn’t seem able to convert at the right time. There were some exciting moments – big clearances from Jamie, an excellent shot from Kieran from a free kick, a try from Nico that deflected off the bar, and several scrambles in the goal mouth. Patrick was certainly busy; he managed one memorable save surrounded by four Keyworth players on the goal-line. Kellum had several near misses and was notable for his incessant running and for his miss-tied bootlaces! Sherwood’s magic gaol came from a superb run from Alfie, his skilful tight cross to Kieran and Kieran’s tap in.  Well done lads – keep the scores going in the right direction!

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