Sherwood 0 – 9 Keyworth United


On a glorious spring morning, Sherwood assembled at Keyworth for a challenging match against one of the top teams in the league. Neil and Ep fortified themselves with bacon butties and then called the lads together for a tactical team talk.  With Nico and Kel sitting on the subs bench, Aadam and Leon supported Patrick in defence leaving Alfie, Thomas, Jordan and Kieran to mount the attack. Unfortunately the attack was a long time in coming. Keyworth roared into action and were up to 5-0 in minutes. The defence tried their hardest – Aadam’s height proving crucial in a number of notable deflections off his head in the goal area (including one straight into the crowd that just missed Thomas’s mum Sarah). Kel had a near miss but the first half ended in a disappointing 7-0.


Sherwood did perk up in the second half. Nico came on to bolster the attack and at last Sherwood started passing the ball. With Thomas, Nico, Kellum and Kieran working as a team, the pressure increased on the Keyworth end and there were several near misses. Keyworth were still the stronger team but at least it wasn’t so one-sided now. The score crept up to 9-0 and a weary Patrick passed his shirt to Alfie with orders to keep the score in single figures. And so he did. Final score 9-0 to Keyworth.


Come on Sherwood. Let’s get our act together in the first half next week. Focus on pace and passing and give the defence a break!




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