Sherwood 1 – 11 Lowdham Colts 

It will be a short and sweet match report for this one.  Sherwood had a full squad, with giant Jayden making his debut for the team.  We hoped we’d be able to hold our own. But once the first goal had gone in, the match steadily drifted in Lowdham’s direction with Sherwood simply not having the pace to keep up. By half-time the score was 6-0 with only Jordan making a real attempt on goal.

The second half went to 7-0 before Kel reclaimed a bit of Sherwood pride with a successful effort.  We had a few chances after this but it was Lowdham who had the finishing skills. The final score was a disappointing 11-1.

So not a notable match – apart from Graham playing fisherman to reclaim the ball a few times. Sherwood need to practice their set-pieces so that they don’t waste time arguing about their positions as the opposition take their free kicks.

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