Sherwood 0 – 7 Parkhill

Sherwood finished their season this morning with a valiant fight against Parkhill. The side was short on subs with Alfie Mac and Finn elsewhere. This did mean that by the end of the match some of the lads were just dead on their feet and unable to sustain the necessary pace. Having said that, there were some fantastic patches in this match and Sherwood had their chances. Kel had a couple of very near misses and Nico displayed his virtuoso skills with a fantastic run and final pass across the Parkhill goal that was just too narrow for any of his team-mates to nudge in.

All of the boys did enough to show Neil just how much they had improved over the year. Both Luke and Connor were strong in defence alongside Leon and Nico in support of Patrick in goal. Jack, Harp, Kieran and Jordan held the midfield. Alfie and Kel led the attack with some superb runs on goal. As for Thomas – he sat out the first half (remembering the injuries sustained in his last encounter with Parkhill) but blasted on in the second half to lift the pace of his weary colleagues. The final score was 7-0 to Parkhill.

It has been an incredibly tough first season playing eleven-a-side. There may not have been many points won for the score board, but points have been won in plenty for determination and spirit. Hopefully an injection of new players and an increase in fitness will help us going forward.

Thanks to Jordan for leading the team this year. The Captain’s band has been passed on to Kel for next season.  Good luck to him and to everyone for the summer – roll on those friendlies!

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