Sherwood 2 – 4 Parkhill Reds


Sherwood played a scrappy first half this morning against Parkhill Reds, a team we had some very exciting encounters against back in mini-soccer days. The pitch was damp and muddy and the lack of training mid-week seemed to show as Sherwood struggled to wake up. But the half was by no means one-sided and although Parkhill ended it 2 goals ahead, Sherwood had their opportunities (most notably Kel blasting wide).


The second half quickly became electric with the Kel and Alfie double-act coming to life. Kel got the first goal with a neat goal-line finish from Alfie, while Alfie powered in a second to level the score. Hopes were high for a good result but unfortunately Parkhill were able to press ahead and finish the match with a 4-2 victory.


Well done Sherwood – everyone had their magic moments (especially in the tense second half) and everyone played a good game of football. As Neil said in his post-match analysis, the whole team deserved the ‘Man of the Match’ award.





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