Sherwood FC 11 – 2 Pegasus Youth Warriors

Sherwood were River Plate in kit and performance this morning as Pegasus battled bravely on with only 9 players and no dedicated goalie. The passing was superb and the goals many and varied with four of the team getting themselves onto the scorecard.  But credit to Pegasus  - they were first off with a very quick opening goal and their goalkeeper did an amazing job, saving innumerable goals and braving Patrick’s grotty spare gloves.


By half time it was 5-1 with Brandon opening, to be followed by Ryan, Kel, Jordan and then Kel again. Not that they could have managed their glory moments of course without the nifty work of their team-mates in defence and nimble assists. Nico, Thomas and Michael make a formidable back line!


Ryan led the scoring in the second half, ending the match with a hat-trick. Brandon did likewise with Kel managing four.  But Pegasus didn’t give up. They earned themselves an excellent second goal and would have made it at least 3 without a superb diving save from Patrick. The final score was an impressive 11-2.


Well done Sherwood but don’t get complacent. There is still some very stiff opposition to come in our remaining matches – we will need everyone to be on their best form for a few weeks yet.


Special thanks to Debs for luscious lemon and yummy chocolate cake.







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