Sherwood 1 – 4 Pegasus Warriors

Cup Match


Sherwood could boast a full squad again for this match and so were able to keep back Leon, Mac, Alfie, Kieran and Kellum for the second half. Pegasus immediately went on the attack, pushing hard against our defence. Oscar, Jamie and Aadam held their nerve with Aadam deflecting a cracking shot just in front of the goal. We certainly had our chances in the first half. Nico and Aadam both shot wide, and Jordan and Thomas set up them up skilfully with long shots down the line. At half time it was 2-0 to Pegasus.


Tension built throughout the second half.  Kieran and Kellum worked well with Alfie and Mac up front. All had their shots on goal. Mac stood out for his determined tackles while Leon deflected one shot straight into the Ref! Alfie set up and took corner after corner. The ball hurtled from end to end with both goalies kept on their toes. Kellum put Sherwood on the score board to make it 3-1 but then it was penalty time for Pegasus. Patrick judged well and dived to the right but the shot was too strong. Sherwood fought on. Kieran made a great shot from outside of the box but it sailed over the crossbar. And then it was over – 4-1 to Pegasus Warriors.


This match was noticeable for audience participation. We had a super catch from Alex, we saw Alfie skid to an elegant halt at Suzanne’s feet, but most importantly, we saw the debut of Sherwood’s mascot – Malkie the Monkey, who treated us all to an exultant charge across the pitch in celebration of Kellum’s goal. Let’s hope Malkie gets more action as the season progresses! Come on Sherwood…..





Sherwood U10’s 1- 3 Sherwood U9’s



The cup match was followed by a friendly with Sherwood U9’s. This meant that everyone in the U10 squad played a full match this morning and players were able to try out different positions.  Oscar took over from Patrick in goal, while Patrick moved into defence alongside Leon. Vice-Captain Jamie borrowed the captain’s armband from Thomas. Jordan, Aadam and Nico were up front.


At half time the score was 2-0 to the U9’s. Thomas, Keiran, Kellum, Alfie and Mac came on for the second half. Again, the U10’s had their chances. Oscar was excellent in goal. Kieran broke the deadlock to make it 2-1, inspiring the team to fight on. He only just missed a second goal. But then just a few minutes from time a fantastic shot from the opposition flew past Oscar and the match was over at 3-1.


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