Sherwood 3 – 2 Pegasus Youth Warriors


Sherwood were a different team this morning. Was it the wonder of Wayne, the morale support of Malkie, or the absence of Trev? Whatever, the lads were raring to go with Alfie putting one home with virtually the first kick of the match. Ten toy soldiers in the bag.  Team working was the order of the day. Jamie and Mac held their line while Patrick managed a great set of saves. The second goal – an own goal for Sherwood – was a fluke and fortunately one that fired us up rather than dampened our spirits. The pace was kept up with strong shots from Thomas and Jordan and some great skill from Kellum although at one point he seemed to be playing tennis with his head!


At half time it was 1-1. Leon, Nico and Aadam came on for Jordan, Jamie and Mac.  Nico soon showed his pace and gave Sherwood a second goal. With the tension building, ball and players tore from end to end. Leon held his nerve in defence, clearing several shots on goal. Pegasus took a corner; several heads later the ball was about to go in when somehow Patrick managed to deflect it with his own head over the bar. Phew!  Nico struck again to make the score 3-1. Now Sherwood had to keep their concentration – and we supporters to hold our breath. The shots kept on coming with near miss after near miss from Alfie, Aadam and Thomas. Pegasus kept up the pressure to make the score 3-2 but just didn’t have time to make the draw. Final score 3-2 to Sherwood.



Sherwood 2 – 2 Pegasus Youth Warriors



The league match was followed immediately by a friendly. Neil took the opportunity to try some different combinations. Alfie went into the goal, Patrick joined Thomas in defence. Kellum, Jordan, Mac and Aadam completed the squad with Nico on the subs bench for the first half. The friendly was fun but commitment and concentration were certainly waning. Patrick was away with the fairies – although he did manage a deflection off his knee from a standing position! The supporters were so emotionally drained that we barely noticed the two goals from Kellum – sorry Kel!


Final score was 2-2.


The Managers then decided that we’d have a penalty shoot out! Final score 5-3 to Pegasus. Alfie saved 7 penalties and scored one. Nico scored the other two. Total exhaustion achieved.


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