Sherwood 4 – 13 Pegasus Youth Warriors


Sherwood managed the keep the ball out of their goal for nine minutes this morning. That’s an advance on our last two matches, both of which saw goals for the opposition within seconds of the whistle. But the pace, the passing and the concentration are still not there – Pegasus were able to put six goals away before Kel broke through for Sherwood and scored the first of his first-half hat-trick. There were some purple patches; the second half started strongly with goal four pounding in from Alfie and Sherwood managing to keep most of the action down the Pegasus end. Finn had a notable second half, clearly relishing his revised position in central defence.  But once Pegasus had scored their tenth, Sherwood’s heads went down and the fighting spirit evaporated. The final score was a disappointing 13-4.


Think hard Sherwood – do you want to win or don’t you? Think back to the opening match against Attenborough. You have just as much talent in the squad as any team in the league, but you need to concentrate, work hard, and work as a team. Let’s hear you shouting next week.


Match Statistics:

Gate: 32

Goals: 17

Points: 0



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