Sherwood 0 – 3 Pegasus Youth Warriors


Despite extra training time before kick-off, Sherwood never quite got it together during the league match this morning. The first half saw the action concentrated up the Sherwood end. Patrick was permanently in action as corner after corner were conceded. Alfie and Leon provided strong support in defence but a lack of passes meant that the midfield and forwards, Thomas, Jordan, Kieran and Kel, were not able to get Sherwood on the scoreboard. The half-time score was 2-0.


Last season Sherwood were the come-back kids with a reputation for second half fight backs. Not so this morning. Aadam came on for the defence, Mac took up position on the wing opposite Alfie, and Nico was placed in midfield with a brief to make full use of his speed. Captain Thomas departed for a social engagement, handing the armband to Patrick.


Sherwood did seem to brighten up in the second half with both Kieran and Mac having near misses. But it was not to be and Pegasus secured a clear 3-0 victory.



Sherwood 3 – 1 Pegasus Youth Warriors



The league match was immediately followed by a friendly, giving Neil the opportunity to try out the lads in different positions. Aadam put on the goalie’s shirt and expressed a hope that he would get as much action as Patrick had in the league match! We hoped not.


Although Pegasus were first on the scoreboard, Sherwood were now re-energised and alert. They were enjoying their football. Joined by a spare Pegasus player, Tom, to make it 8-a-side, the lads upped their game and the goals started coming. The second half saw Mac make it 1-1. Kieran followed with a second goal and then Mac made it three with a well-taken free kick.  The final score was 3-1 to Sherwood. To quote Neil – “Why couldn’t they have done that in the league match?”



The morning was finished off with a penalty shoot out. Final score: 6-5 to Pegasus Youth. The Sherwood goals came from Kieran, Mac, Tom, Nico and Patrick with Aadam on keeping duties.



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