Neil went for a risky strategy this morning – or so it might have appeared. He kept in reserve a couple of Sherwood’s star strikers within his impressive squad of substitutes (Kel, Exo, Charlie, Ben and Matt). The pressure was on Tyler to keep his team focused.

There was no score until about half way through the first half when Pegasus wriggled through our defence to put themselves in the lead.  Sherwood kept on going with several good attempts from Tyler including one that hit the crossbar and bounced off the goal-line. Michael and Jordan battled away up front with Connor and Ryan in midfield, Callum, Thomas, Luke and Kayne in defence.  But shortly before the whistle blew Pegasus got their second. 

But this was to be a ‘game of two halves’. With some touchline tensions fuelling the resolve of the Sherwood lads, Tyler led out his team for the second half. Immediately from the Pegasus kick-off, Kel got the ball, scythed his way through the opposition and lobbed it past the keeper. Sherwood were off!

The next goal was an Exo classic, followed by an Exo celebration (backflip). Then back to Kel, making the most of his superior speed.  Jordan nearly got one with a fantastic run up the wing but it was Tyler who then made it 4-2 with a tap in from a corner. Exo had a near miss as did Jack before Tyler got his second to be followed up by the final goal from Exo. 

Exciting stuff – good to know Sherwood can fight back so convincingly from 2 goals behind. But noticeable also, what a difference a full pack of subs can make!

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