Sherwood 1 – 13 Radcliffe Olympic


Radcliffe demonstrated why they are top of the league this morning. They take their football incredibly seriously and gave Sherwood a master class in effective passing. But Sherwood played better than the score line might suggest. Patrick ended his half as goalie with a spectacular save to keep the score to 4-0. He had been ably assisted by Leon and Thomas – both showing a huge improvement in the strength of their clearance shots. It would have been 5-0 but for one Radcliffe shot choosing to roll along the crossbar and fall outside the goal.


The second half saw Kieran and Aadam coming on and Patrick and Jordan on the subs bench. Alfie put on the goalie’s shirt and was supported by Thomas and Leon as before. Mac and Kellum retained their positions up front.


Sherwood fought on with energy and determination throughout the second half. Although the Radcliffe goals kept coming, they were not disheartened and were certainly enjoying their football. Alfie kept out as many as got past him and Leon managed a notable deflection off his head while in the act of falling over! Kieran, Kel, Aadam and Mac kept up the pressure on the Radcliffe end. There were many attempts that went wide with Kieran eventually scoring the single goal for Sherwood this morning.


Good work lads. You didn’t flag and you didn’t give in. But, as Neil said afterwards, our weakness is still that reluctance to pass – get that cracked and we can be as good as any team in the division.


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