Riverside FC 0 – 9 Sherwood FC

Cup Match (Trophy Preliminary Round)

 Riverside FC are a brand new squad and currently a squad of ten. This obviously gave Sherwood the advantage and they certainly took it with Alfie banging in the first goal within seconds of the whistle. Five minutes in Ryan scored the second with Jack making it three nil in the 8th minute. The lack of serious pressure from Riverside allowed Sherwood to take chances in midfield. There were several near misses (Thomas, Luke, Jordan....). Riverside didn’t give in though and had a few chances on goal – just enough to keep Patrick and Lex interested; Patrick did manage to deflect one with his head from a prone position!  Charlie, our free transfer from Bulwell Rangers, had a fantastic Sherwood debut with some nifty tackling and passing and a 29th minute goal that buried itself in the right-hand corner of the net.

The half-time score was 4-nil.

With the full squad of 17 available, Neil was able to field a refreshed squad in the second half. Brandon opened the scoring four minutes in to start a run on goal that would earn him a magic four. Nico also topped up his tally. But the goals were scored in large part due to a superb defence that kept the ball firmly away from the Sherwood goal. Connor, for example, stuck rigidly to his left-wing position and passed the ball down the line to his colleagues time and time again.  The passing was good, the communication was better. But don’t get complacent Sherwood – we’ve got two tough league matches ahead of us now.

Man of the Match - Jack 

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