Sherwood FC 2 – 0 Riverside FC

Riverside are a much improved team this season and it is possible that Sherwood went into this match feeling just a little bit complacent. If so, Riverside soon put them right. The first half was a scrappy affair. Riverside had the wind with them and were able to mount just as many attacks as Sherwood, meaning that both keepers had to stay alert. But neither side were able to finish, making this part of the match a mid-field struggle.  One of the outstanding players in the first half was Charlie who was manfully holding position against all comers. Michael was strong on the left wing and had a few chances but it was the Riverside No.3 who was ‘doing a Thomas’ and ensuring Sherwood didn’t push ahead.  It was quite a relief when the whistle blew for half-time without a goal.

Exo livened things up in the second half adding his pace to that of Kel, Tyler and Ben to increase the pressure on the Riverside defence. The first goal was a trademark Kel – he broke through and shot past the keeper. Exo’s second goal was fairly similar but we were disappointed that he didn’t give us his celebration gymnastics. 

Riverside managed to keep on attacking the Sherwood goal but our defence held firm and the score remained 2-0 at the final whistle. 

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