Rolls-Royce Leisure 16 – 0 Sherwood FC

Under 10 Challenge Shield


Another disappointing result for Sherwood this morning. Rolls-Royce are in the first division but even so, we could have put on a better show. Patrick got off to a flying start with some excellent early saves but then the cold seemed to set in and everyone slowed down. Jamie came closest to scoring, with Kellum and Kieran also making good efforts. The first half saw Thomas and Mac in defence with Leon and Jamie in midfield and Alfie and Kellum up front. Aadam, Jordan and Kieran shivered on the touchline waiting for their chance in the second half. Unfortunately they were unable to make a difference and each half saw 8 goals go in for the home team.


The match was followed by a penalty shoot out. Kieran put on a fine performance in goal, managing five saves out of six. The Rolls-Royce goalie did likewise, with only Jordan managing to put one past him. Final score in penalties was 1- 1.


I don’t know what’s going wrong at the moment – there seem to be some members of the team who are not showing the same enthusiasm as the others.  In order for a team to succeed each player needs to give 110%.  I don’t mind losing games but lets at least put up a fight and make it look like we want to win.



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