Sherwood FC 0 – 9 Rolls Royce Leisure

Cup Match


Ok they beat us – but at least we didn’t get to double figures! And there was some superb passing in the first half. At times, Sherwood were playing better than they did the previous week when we won a league match. We had a few shots on goal with a couple of near misses from Kel and a lovely finish from Luke that just shied away from the post. Unfortunately as the goals started to mount, so the heads went down and concentration lapsed.  Individually there were some notable performances – Michael (aka Chopper) was giving it his all as was Nico whose speed allowed him to cut his way through the opposition in one notable moment of lone defending.  Charlie was superb in midfield – ducking and diving between the legs of Rolls Royce and earning himself the Man of the Match award. Lex was clearly busy in goal – the respectable score line (Rolls Royce are a league above us, and we were defeated 26-1 by a Rolls Royce team last season) was possible because of the impressive number of saves that he made.


Neil tried a new dietary regime today – orange, melon and pineapple at break time rather than Sherwood’s snack of choice – choccie biscuits. Let’s hope it starts to pay off soon – next week we face an old and current rival in mid-table: Holy Spirit.


Man of the Match - Charlie




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