Trowell Blue 4 – 1 Sherwood FC

Another intensely frustrating match that confirmed Sherwood’s much improved form but didn’t see them manage to turn their many opportunities into goals. The half-time score was 0-0 with Sherwood having five near misses!

The second half saw Trowell start to push ahead with two goals secured before Kel got one back for Sherwood. The tension was palpable with heroic efforts from everyone. Alfie nearly concussed himself (twice) with an audible header and then an accidental clash with a Trowell lad. But he still managed to respond to a superb down the line clearance from Nico that nearly secured a second goal from Alfie and Miciah up front.

We’ll get there Sherwood. We just need a little more energy and a little more brawn. You put on a great show for your loyal fans this morning.

Final score:  4-1 to Trowell.



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