Sherwood FC 1 – 8 Trowell Blue

Despite the score-line, Sherwood actually ended the season on a high this morning.  With only 10 players to field (including goalie Lex playing outfield), we battled hard against top of the league Trowell and kept them at bay for the first 20 minutes of the match. The first half was very tight with superb play from all – including some fantastic saves from Patrick ‘Buffon’ Epworth. We ended the first half a credible 3-0 down.

Unfortunately we couldn’t keep up the pace in the 2nd half – Trowell had a good crop of subs and the gorgeous warm sunshine, while idyllic for the MaDs, did take it out of the boys. Kel put us on the scoreboard but as the pace began to fade, the goals kept coming. Many were deflected – with Luke providing sterling support on the goal-line, but we were unable to make enough chances up the Trowell end.


Not to worry. It’s been a good season for Sherwood and Neil and Steve were able to praise every member of the team for their hard work and commitment.  Luke and Patrick were voted joint Men of the Match and later, at the end of season party, Jack was named Captain for the 2011-12 season, with Nico as Vice-Captain.


Well done everyone.






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