West Bridgford Wallabies 9-0 Sherwood FC



Hmmm. This one didn’t go according to plan. Sherwood got off to a good start with Alfie, Aadam, Kellum and Kieran attacking the Wallabies’ goal. But then the Wallabies came alive and Patrick found himself extremely busy down the Sherwood end. There was some good play from our lads. Aadam, Kellum and Kieran all had their chances – Kellum hitting the crossbar and Kieran slipping on the wet grass at the crucial moment. Thomas managed a fantastic deflection with his head while Jamie sent the ball back up to the attack time and time again.  At half-time the score was 2-0 to the Wallabies. Their attack had outclassed us but our defence had worked hard and Sherwood are known for their second half fight backs, aren’t they!


But it wasn’t to be.  Leon, Jordan, Nico and Oscar came on to refresh the team. Alfie, fired up by an error in the first half, came alive and surged forward. Leon was similarly fired up in defence with some stunning headers. But although there were some magic moments the West Bridgford goals kept coming. Neither Oscar nor Patrick could stem the flow and the valiant shots on goal from Alfie, Nico and Kieran all went wide. The final score was a disappointing 9-nil but it could have been many more had our defence not held their nerve.


Where did we go wrong? The Sherwood squad has all the talent it needs to finish high in the league this year. But we need to concentrate, to take our chances, and above all to communicate on the pitch. Let’s hear you shout next week lads!



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