West Bridgford Wallabies 2 – 4 Sherwood FC

It was a case of Sherwood United this morning – players working as a team, supporters screaming encouragement in unison. An incredibly exciting match – especially since the Wallabies have ‘walloped’ us in previous encounters. Thank goodness Trevor wasn’t there!

It was clear from the off that this was going to be a tight match. It took nearly 15 minutes for Kel to make a breakthrough with the first goal from a nifty Connor assist.  But by half-time the Wallabies had equalised and Sherwood were looking ragged.

Having a large squad is making a huge difference to Sherwood this season as Neil was able to field several fresh players for the second half. They took a while to settle down though and the Wallabies pushed ahead to 2-1. The turning point seemed to come when a Wallaby attacker fouled Patrick in goal. Sherwood thought, we’re not having this, and off they went! Lewis took the free kick; it eventually fell to Kel who surged forward with his legendary speed, crossed to Brandon who placed it in the net. Sherwood’s third goal was a virtual copy. By this time the supporters were going ballistic – hopefully the high-pitched screaming keeps the players adrenalin pumping. The Wallabies missed a penalty and Kel made it 4-2 a few minutes before the final whistle.

This was a great match and our third win in a row.  Good passing, good communication, strong defence – with the Man of the Match award going to Chopper (aka Michael).  Sorry there are no timings for the goals today – the match reporter was too excited to note them down!



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