Sherwood 2 – 3 West Bridgford Wallabies


It was a fantastic end to the season this morning – no points to Sherwood but plenty of pride. Back in September 2008, West Bridgford Wallabies walloped us in a 9-0 drubbing. They have had a fantastic run, ending second in the league and looking forward to promotion. But Sherwood really gave them a run for their money this morning. If there had been a bit less fumbling near the Wallabies goal in the second half, Sherwood could have equalised if not won.


Every member of the Sherwood team was on form. It is invidious to single out any one player, so let’s single out them all! It was the ‘A’ team who provided the goals – Alfie Mac in the first half, in his usual understated manner; Alfie Perry in the second, with a celebratory cartwheel down the line.  Thomas ‘Hurricane’ Furness awed our visiting fans, Miss Vinecombe and Miss Higginson (from Haydn Primary) with another impressive display of speed and power (although some of his throw-ins were a bit suspect!). Nico and Jordan led the attack in the first half with a number of shots on goal and some effective passing. The ‘Special K’ team of Kieran and Kellum took over striker duties in the second half, dancing around the opposition but just not quite managing to send one home. Star defender Leon did what he does best – throwing himself against the opposition to send the ball back into midfield. Patrick showed just how good he is becoming in goal with a number of brave saves that again earned the praise of the opposition manager. Last but not least was Aadam, playing periods both in attack and defence, showing just how versatile a player he is.


So the season is over. Now the hard training begins. 11-a side from September. A bigger pitch, bigger goals, longer halves, offside rules and disciplinary penalties. Eat your carrots everyone – you are going to need some extra inches!


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