West Bridgford Colts 18 – 4 Sherwood FC

Cup Match

The scoreline hides the reality that there were some exciting moments in this encounter with the Colts – the last 10 minutes in particular saw Sherwood showing a pace and determination that we haven’t seen since the first league match against Attenborough. The first half started well but then took a nosedive with the Colts building to a 9-0 lead despite some great saves from Patrick (when he wasn’t sitting down in the goalmouth). The second half saw the lead stretch to 11-0 but then Kel decided it was time to buck the trend and powered in Sherwood’s first goal to rapturous applause from the touchline.  The Colts soon upped the score to 15-1 but a super set-up from Jordan allowed Finn to get the first of his two goals this afternoon. The other Sherwood goal came from Kieran from a set up by Alfie Mac.

Sherwood should have gone home muddy but determined after this match. Neil’s experiment with positions has given him some food for thought. Nico in particular was fantastic in defence while Harpreet was consistently good at passing.

We should also note the very good-natured atmosphere amongst the supporters with the West Bridgford folk booing their own linesman for giving one offside too many.  Well done Sherwood – see, you can put on a good show if you put your mind to it! The Celts were literally in a league (or two) above you but you showed true grit in the second half.

Gate: 30

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